Best WordPress Social Media Plugins for Getting More Traffic and for Better Promoting Your Blog

If part of your efforts to create a successful blog doesn’t include social media then you’re missing out big time but don’t worry, you still have time.

WordPress social media plugins ease your way into the social media universe, offer opportunities for reaching more people, offer options that will make your blog to stand out, to be promoted, these plugins track your success, and they show you which posts have most success among followers and fans.

Why would you need the best WordPress social media plugins?

Because social media websites are a big deal for so many reasons: increased traffic opportunities, the possibility of building a brand, the chance to connect with influencers from your niche, the possibility to engage with your readers, to better understand what they want and what should your writing or promotional efforts be focused on, the chance to become viral, the chance to get more subscribers, and so on.

Simply put, almost everyone is on at least one social network and your blog needs to be where your audience is!

Top 8 Best WordPress Social Media Plugins That You Should Be Using

Digg Digg is a floating social bar that’s incredibly popular. It’s easily recognizable, the floating social bar in the sidebar just can’t be missed so visitors are reminded that what they like they should share for others to see the post, too.

Usually, it will be placed in the left/right sidebar but it can be put at top and bottom, too, with either large or small buttons. The floating social bar in the left sidebar won’t appear on mobile so it’s best to either place a second one at the top or bottom. Mobile users want to share just as much so give them the chance.

Digg Digg has buttons for all major social and bookmarking networks, it’s up to you to decide the ones to be featured. Another advantage is that it doesn’t slow down websites.

Shareaholic has some really nice looking social buttons that can be placed as a floating social bar usually in the left sidebar or at the top and bottom.

The frequent approach is to have a floating social bar plus social buttons either at the top or the bottom. Remember, you have to make it effortlessly for everyone to share your posts. Their buttons are really cute and adorable and, obviously, after installing Shareaholic you will choose which social and bookmarking sites are going to be included in ever post.

It’s obvious that Pinterest is a major traffic source for many blogs and that’s why Shareaholic has included an option specially tailored for this particular media network: the option of featuring a Pin it button on each image. You just have to check the box Shareable images and a Pin it button is going to appear each time a visitor hovers over images. I think it’s an awesome addition.

The list of cool features doesn’t stop here. This WordPress social media plugin has its own Analytics for social media. It shows how many shares your posts receive and who are the top sharers. There’s nothing more you could ask from a free plugin.

JM Twitter Cards is one of the best WordPress social media plugins and a lot of people find it useful. It does what its name says: after installation you and anyone else who is going to share your post on Tweeter will be able to post rich media tweets.

So, under those 140 characters that represent a tweet, there will also be a title, the author’s Twitter handle, an excerpt for the shared post, an image, and a link for the blog that published the post followed by their Twitter handle, in this exact order.

Just don’t forget to validate your content via the Twitter Card Validator, after installing JM Twitter Cards. Otherwise it won’t work. After validation, whenever when you or someone else is going to tweet one of your posts, it will appear as a rich media tweet.

WP Facebook Open Graph protocol it’s great for personally controlling what’s going to be shared on Facebook whenever a reader Likes a post.

This includes beforehand established titles, description, and image. If there is no featured image, WP Facebook Open Graph protocol will use the default image that is specified in settings. It also works on Google+, and Linkedin.

Besides that, the next cool thing is that you can find out a lot more about those who share your content and about your audience. The pulled data includes: age, gender, language etc.

Google Author Link is worth mentioning on this post for discovering the best WordPress social media plugins because it enables users to immediately set up their Google+ authorship profile.

If you do that, your photo and an author byline link (name and number of Google circles the author’s in) will appear in the SERPs. If you want to manually set up authorship, you just have to follow Google’s instructions.

With Google Author Link the great thing is that it’s just as easy to set multiple Google+ authorship profiles if your blog has more contributors. The code placement is handled by the plugin. All that authors have to do is to place their Google+ URL in the Admin panel.

It also lets you choose the categories or post types that shouldn’t include the authorship code.

Google has become more selective. Even if you’ve set up an authorship profile it’s possible that your author photo or your author byline might not appear in the SERPs. It simply is Google’s method of saying that in their eyes you are not exactly an authority on the subject. So, if you know that you’ve set up everything correctly, either manually or via Google Author Link, and your author photo still doesn’t appear just know that it’s not your fault. It’s just Google.

Pin it button – I’ve already mentioned that Shareaholic is one way to add a Pin it button to those images that you want shared on Pinterest.

If you don’t want that plugin, you can go straight for the Pinterest “Pin it” button plugin. However, only the Pro version lets you include the option of a Pin it button appear each time a reader hovers an image. Shareaholic is a completely free WordPress social media plugin.

WordPress SEO by Yoast – you’re probably wondering why I’m mentioning this free plugin among what I consider to be the best WordPress social media plugins.

WordPress SEO by Yoast is a crucial plugin for easily optimizing a blog but it also has a great social feature: it lets you customize how posts are going to appear when they are shared, meaning entering a title and a description for each post. They can be the same as the ones for SERPs or you can have different titles and descriptions, tweaked for social and bookmarking networks.

It works great for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, on Google+ only the title is going to appear, not the description, and on Pinterest the title will serve as image description. These are the most popular ones but this plugin also includes the rest of the social and bookmarking sites.

Social Metrics Pro is a premium WordPress social media plugin for social media analytics.

It doesn’t help you share. It helps you analyze what’s been shared.

By analyzing the posts that have received the most shares, you can figure out what where the things that made possible for those particular posts to be so popular. If you can understand that, then you can replicate the success. That’s what Social Metrics Pro is good at.

It’s up to you to choose which social media networks you want to track. This plugin includes all the major ones – Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc. – and it will accurately track your blog’s performance.

In order to further simplify the social signals measuring process, colors are used. Posts are featured in a colorful table. Green means extremely popular so your next goal is to have as many posts represented by the green color in that table. Amber and red means low social media activity. It’s fun and so simple.

It’s important to know how your content scores in social media so that you can figure out what you’re doing wrong or right. Social Metrics Pro does that for you. It’s easy, fast and accurate.

You don’t have to use each one of these 8 WordPress social media plugins because each blog is different but you should get as involved as you can in social media and build a faithful audience, it’s just as important as building an email list.

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